What Health Insurance Pays For Gym Membership?

If you’re a regular gym-goer, it’s wise to explore opportunities to cut costs, especially if your health insurance covers gym memberships. Prioritizing our health is crucial, but the escalating expenses of gym subscriptions can be a concern.

What if we told you there’s a way to secure your gym membership at a reduced rate or even for free? Imagine gaining this fantastic advantage without any hassle. Numerous individuals in the United States can now sign up for a gym membership at a significant discount or even for no cost.

You might be wondering if health insurance covers gym membership. Well, the good news is that several health insurance companies offer reduced or complimentary gym memberships, although it’s not a universal requirement for all insurance plans. Recognizing the substantial benefits of an active lifestyle, health insurance providers aim to encourage individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. It’s also essential to note information like How Much Does An MRI Cost Without Insurance in 2022.

Here’s the exciting part: it’s not just a possibility; it’s achievable! While they may not cover the entire membership fee, many health insurance companies provide partial reimbursement for certain gym facilities. If you’re eager to discover more about health plans and programs that can help you cut down on gym-related costs, keep reading.

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Private Health Insurance And Gym Memberships

In the battle against a range of diseases, health insurance companies are increasingly endorsing gym membership programs. In a bid to promote a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, numerous insurance providers have chosen to incorporate gym memberships as a benefit within their policies. The scope of coverage is contingent upon the private insurance plan you currently hold or opt to enroll in.

Which health insurance companies pay for gym memberships?

Thank you for sharing this detailed information on health insurance companies and their gym reimbursement programs. It’s great to see the trend towards insurance companies actively promoting overall health and wellness. Here’s a summary of the programs you mentioned:


Offers gym reimbursement through their Bfit program.
Verification and enrollment can be done through the Horizon portal.


Provides gym reimbursements of $150 annually.
Offers up to $150 each for weight management and smoking cessation programs.
A program called Healthy Lifestyles.


Gym membership reimbursements for group products and Medicare Advantage Plans.
Activity tracking in six-month periods, with married couples eligible for up to $600 annually.
Enrollees in Medicare Advantage plans are automatically enrolled in the Silver Sneakers program, offering free gym memberships.


Offers up to 40% in reimbursements, though the details on whether this is an unlimited benefit are not explicitly clear.

Other Notable Programs:

John Hancock offers a free Fitbit or Apple Watch through their Vitality program.
Requires the purchase of a life insurance policy as part of the Vitality program.
Points earned through completing activities can be used to pay off the watch.
It’s encouraging to see insurance companies incentivizing and supporting healthy lifestyles through these programs and additional discount offerings. Individuals looking to maximize their health benefits should explore these options and select insurance plans that align with their wellness goals.

How Can You Identify Healthcare Insurance That Covers Your Membership To A Gym?

While there are no universal regulations governing gym membership coverage in all insurance policies, there are strategies to assist you in your search.

Inquire whether any local gyms have partnerships with health insurance providers. If you are covered by healthcare, it’s worthwhile to inquire about potential savings and perks. Additionally, check if your health insurance includes any gym membership schemes.

Reviewing your healthcare benefits is another avenue if you have coverage. Typically, this information is outlined in the documentation you received when you signed up for the insurance.

Visit your provider’s website for relevant information. If you prefer a more direct approach, consider reaching out to your insurance company via a phone call.

Insurance Companies That Cover The Cost Of Gym Membership

If you’re questioning whether health insurance covers gym memberships, it’s important to note that the majority of insurance policies do not include coverage for gym memberships. Nevertheless, some policies may offer partial reimbursement if specific criteria are met. Among the numerous health insurance companies, here are some of the best options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the Fitness Your Way program, granting access to over 8,000 fitness centers nationwide. The program covers your $29 monthly gym membership fee.


AmeriHealth provides a fitness regimen that reimburses customers for up to $150 of expenses incurred at affiliated fitness facilities. This one-time refund is available after completing 120 workouts within the 365-day program duration, with a maximum of one workout logged per day and an 8-hour break between sessions.


Aetna’s fitness discount program allows you to save on gym memberships, automatically covered by their healthcare plan. With access to 10,000 gyms in the GlobalFit network, you can enjoy discounted pricing, and the program can cover up to $150 of your yearly expenses.


Oscar Health Insurance plans to offer customers refunds of up to $400, with an additional opportunity to receive up to $200 in fitness expense rebates if their partners are also insured under the health plan.


Under the Cigna Medical Plan, you may be eligible for a fitness refund of up to $100 per year. If your family is also covered under your policy, you can receive a refund of up to $300. To avail of this benefit, you must choose a certified health club and be a member of both Cigna and the fitness facility for a minimum of 3 years.

The Reasons Insurance Companies Would Cover Your Gym Membership

In contemporary times, individuals are increasingly prioritizing their health, and insurance providers recognize the financial benefits of promoting fitness. Encouraging individuals to join a gym or fitness class is not only a proactive health measure but also a strategic move for insurance companies. By supporting your fitness endeavors, they aim to reduce the likelihood of substantial insurance claims related to hospitalization due to medical conditions.

In essence, health insurance providers are willing to cover the costs of gym memberships or fitness classes because they see it as a preventive investment. They would rather offer a $400 refund for your workout and gym charges than bear the financial burden of potentially tens of thousands of dollars in hospital-related expenses. This approach aligns with a proactive strategy to keep their policyholders healthy, ultimately benefiting both the individuals and the insurance companies in the long run.

Check for a reimbursement option

If your insurance provider lacks ties to a specific gym chain, or if you’re unable to utilize your FSA, exploring the possibility of reimbursement directly from your provider is another avenue. I previously had a health insurance plan that covered half of my monthly gym membership dues. Although it didn’t cover the entire cost, it still provided valuable financial assistance.

According to Martin, “Many health insurance providers offer either full or partial reimbursement for gym membership fees, typically contingent on meeting specific requirements.” Some providers might necessitate a documented log of your gym visits to demonstrate usage before granting partial reimbursement. Alternatively, there could be a waiting period of a few months before you become eligible for reimbursement.

Gym Memberships Coverage By Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies are increasingly recognizing various strategies to promote healthy lifestyles beyond providing financial allowances for gym memberships.

Discounted Insurance Rates:

Many insurance providers offer schemes that provide policyholders with lower premiums if they lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. By demonstrating a reduced likelihood of frequent illnesses, individuals may qualify for these discounted rates, further encouraging the possibility that health insurance covers gym membership. It’s essential to inquire about such programs with your insurer to determine eligibility for fitness benefits.

Workout Equipment Incentives:

Some health insurance companies provide additional benefits by either offering exercise equipment as part of enrolling in their insurance policy or incorporating specific fitness gear into their coverage. This serves as an incentive for individuals to prioritize their health and fitness within the scope of their insurance plan.

Discounts for Members Only:

Certain health insurance providers have partnerships with well-known gym chains like Anytime Fitness or LA Fitness. These partnerships often translate to special offers and reduced membership rates exclusively for policyholders, providing an added incentive for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Elder Discounts with Silver Sneakers:

Health insurers frequently utilize programs like Silver Sneakers to reward seniors for leading an active lifestyle. Silver Sneakers offers a supportive community for like-minded individuals, and many insurance providers include coverage for this program.

Incentive Programs:

Some health insurance companies implement incentive programs that reward policyholders for taking preventative measures to enhance their health. This could include compensation for enrolling in a weight-loss course or receiving discounts for participating in health-improving activities.

These diverse strategies go beyond direct reimbursement for gym memberships, illustrating the commitment of health insurance companies to encourage and support their policyholders in adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Bottom line

Examining health insurance documents may initially seem overwhelming due to the perceived complexity of the language used. However, delving into the details of your plan or available options can reveal the services for which you may qualify at no cost or with discounted rates. Exploring your health insurance thoroughly can be enlightening, especially when it comes to understanding potential assistance with expenses like gym memberships.

For individuals prioritizing a gym membership, it’s beneficial to realize that health insurance can play a role in alleviating these costs. Even though the documentation may appear intricate, there are ways to navigate and uncover valuable benefits.

If, despite reviewing the fine print, uncertainty persists, do not hesitate to contact your insurance company directly. Seeking clarification ensures that you do not miss out on opportunities that could result in substantial savings on both a monthly and annual basis. Proactive communication with your insurance provider can help you make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

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How Can You Reduce The Cost Of A Gym Membership?

Not everyone has the financial resources to afford a gym subscription, especially without insurance. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that your health insurance covers gym membership.

One option is to take advantage of free passes offered by gyms like Anytime Fitness. Unlike 24-Hour Fitness, which provides a 3-day pass, Anytime Fitness offers a generous seven-day free pass, allowing you to experience their membership benefits.

Consider enrolling with a friend or family member to potentially negotiate a lower membership cost. Fitness clubs are often eager to attract new members, and you may be able to secure a deal by encouraging others to join with you.

Another strategy is to be patient and strategic with your timing. Some fitness facilities offer discounted membership costs on specific days, especially when business is slow. By enrolling during times when gyms are looking to make deals, you might access incredible offers and discounts.


How do I know if my health insurance covers a gym membership?

Check your insurance policy documentation for details on covered benefits. You can also contact your insurance provider directly or visit their website to inquire about specific coverage for gym memberships.

Are there specific health insurance plans that cover gym memberships?

Certain health insurance plans, such as those from Blue Cross Blue Shield, AmeriHealth, Aetna, Oscar, and Cigna, may include benefits or reimbursement options for gym memberships. It’s essential to explore the details of your specific plan.

What kind of gym memberships do health insurance providers typically cover?

Health insurance providers may cover various types of gym memberships, ranging from national chains to local fitness facilities. The specifics can vary, so it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions of your policy.

How much reimbursement can I expect for my gym membership?

Reimbursement amounts vary among insurance providers. Some may offer partial coverage, while others may provide a fixed amount or percentage of your gym membership expenses.

Do health insurance companies offer discounts on gym memberships?

In addition to reimbursement, some health insurance companies may partner with specific gyms to offer discounts exclusively for policyholders. Check with your insurance provider to explore any potential partnership benefits.

Are there any eligibility criteria for health insurance coverage of gym memberships?

Eligibility criteria can vary, but some insurance providers may require policyholders to meet specific health and wellness criteria or participate in certain fitness programs to qualify for gym membership coverage.

Can I negotiate gym membership coverage with my health insurance provider?

While coverage terms are typically outlined in your policy, it’s worth discussing your options with your insurance provider. In some cases, negotiating or exploring additional benefits may be possible, especially if you can demonstrate the positive impact on your overall health.


The intersection of health insurance and gym memberships presents a dynamic landscape with varying policies and options. While not all health insurance plans automatically cover gym memberships, there are proactive steps individuals can take to explore potential benefits.

Several insurance providers, including notable names such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, AmeriHealth, Aetna, Oscar, and Cigna, offer incentives or reimbursements for gym memberships. The coverage details, reimbursement amounts, and eligibility criteria can differ, emphasizing the importance of carefully reviewing individual insurance policies.

Moreover, individuals can benefit from exploring additional avenues, such as discounted rates, partnerships with specific gyms, and even negotiating membership costs, especially when enrolling with friends or family.

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