How Big Is 800 Square Feet? Exploring Apartment & House Sizes

Curious about the dimensions of an 800 square feet apartment? Wondering how spacious a house can be while staying under this 800-square-foot threshold? This article delves into the various dimensions associated with the 800 sqft mark, spanning from studios to houses and garages.

We’ll explore what constitutes 800 sqft in terms of dimensions, consider how much space two individuals would have in such an area, and much more. If you’re ever in need of insights into your prospective home or apartment size, keep reading to discover more!

What Are 800 Square Feet?

The 800 square feet dimension is a sought-after size for both apartments and houses, striking a balance between ample space and not being overly spacious. In the realm of apartments, this area typically encompasses one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen.

This size provides a comfortable living space for a small family or a couple seeking a bit of extra room. In the context of houses, an 800-square-foot area typically features two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. It’s an ideal choice for a starter home or for those looking to downsize from a larger residence.

Expect ceilings in your 800-square-foot abode to average around 10-12 feet in height throughout most of the space. Whether you’re in the market for an apartment or a house, 800 square feet offers a fantastic option for those seeking a size that’s just right, not too large or too small.

Different Spaces That Are 800 Sq Feet

An 800 square foot area can encompass a range of spaces, which may include, but are not restricted to:

  • A one-bedroom apartment
  • A two-bedroom apartment
  • A compact house
  • A spacious room within a house
  • A storage unit


When it comes to living spaces, size is a crucial factor to consider. The amount of space you need depends on the type of dwelling you’re seeking. Here’s an overview of the average sizes for apartments and houses within the Equal sqft range:

Equal sqft aligns closely with the average American household size of 2.58 people, making these homes well-suited for the typical family. However, if your situation differs from the average, you might require more space, especially for larger families or frequent entertainers.

For apartment seekers, it’s likely that you’ll encounter units ranging from 500 to 1,000 square feet. This is notably smaller than the average American home, which spans around 2,600 square feet. Nevertheless, apartments tend to be designed with space efficiency in mind, often featuring communal areas for socializing or relaxation.

For those desiring more room to spread out, houses within the Equal sqft range offer an excellent alternative. These residences typically provide between 1,500 and 2,500 square feet of living area. This additional space can be particularly beneficial for growing families or those who frequently host guests. Plus, the presence of a yard is always a welcome bonus!

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The dimensions of a garage are contingent on the type and number of vehicles it’s designed to accommodate. An average car garage typically spans around 400 square feet. However, if you own a larger SUV or truck, your garage might extend closer to 500 square feet.

For those with a two-car garage, the space generally ranges from 700 to 800 square feet. And if you’re fortunate enough to possess a three-car garage, your space will surpass 900 square feet.


When it comes to selecting an apartment or house, the size of the space is a crucial consideration. But how can you determine if a unit is the right fit for you?

One effective way to gauge the spaciousness of a space is by examining its square footage. This metric quantifies the area within a room or building, typically calculated by multiplying the length and width.

For instance, imagine you’re inspecting an apartment that measures 10 feet in length and 10 feet in width. The square footage of this apartment would total 100 sqft.

Now, let’s delve into some standard sizes for apartments and houses within the equal sqft range:

  • 500 sqft: This size equates to a one-bedroom apartment or a studio condo.
  • 1000 sqft: This size matches a two-bedroom apartment or townhouse.
  • 1500 sqft: This size aligns with a three-bedroom apartment or house.
  • 2000+ sqft: This size corresponds to a four-bedroom house or larger.

Typical Dimensions Of 800 sqft Spaces

When searching for an apartment or house, the size of the space is often a crucial consideration. But what exactly constitutes a square foot, and how substantial is 800 square feet?

In simple terms, a square foot is a unit of measurement that is approximately equivalent to 929 square centimeters. While the precise size of a square foot may have slight regional variations, in general, one square foot equates to about 0.093 square meters.

So, when we talk about an 800-square-foot space, we’re envisioning an area of approximately 74.7 square meters. Now that we have a grasp of the dimensions of an 800 sqft space, let’s explore some typical room sizes that fall within this range.

For instance, a one-bedroom apartment or a small house might encompass a total floor area ranging from 700 to 850 square feet. This usually provides ample space for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

For those in search of a slightly larger abode, consider a two-bedroom apartment or house, which typically boasts an overall floor area ranging from 900 to 1050 square feet. This additional space typically accommodates an extra bedroom and bathroom, and may even incorporate a dining area or additional storage space. Of course, these are just general guidelines, and there can always be exceptions.

How Big Are 1000 Square Feet?

If you’re aiming for a truly generous living space, 1000 square feet should be just the ticket. This size provides ample room for flexible furniture arrangement and proves more than sufficient for most family households. Keep in mind that the actual perceived size may vary based on the layout and shape of a specific apartment or house, but generally speaking, 1000 square feet is considered quite spacious.

How Big Are 300 Square Feet?

When it comes to choosing the right apartment or house, size is a crucial consideration. But how can you determine if a space is the perfect fit for you? This is where square footage comes into play. Square footage quantifies the total floor area of a room or building, offering valuable insight into the size of the space.

So, how sizeable is 300 square feet? Well, it all depends on how you visualize it. A typical 12-foot by 12-foot room encompasses 100 square feet, meaning 300 square feet would be three times that size. In practical terms, this would be akin to having three standard bedrooms placed side by side. Alternatively, it would offer the space equivalent of one very large bedroom (or two medium-sized bedrooms).

Recommendations For Properly Furnishing An 800sqft Space

When furnishing an 800 sqft area, it’s crucial to consider a few key principles to optimize the available space.

  • First and foremost, prioritize functionality. Select furniture that serves a purpose efficiently.
  • Secondly, pay attention to the spatial layout and how the furniture will integrate. Position larger pieces against walls, allowing for seamless movement within the space.
  • Thirdly, contemplate the inclusion of multi-functional furniture pieces whenever possible. Items like ottomans with storage or coffee tables with shelves can significantly enhance storage and utility.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the finishing touches! Incorporating personal items such as photos and artwork adds a touch of individuality to make the space uniquely yours.

How Big Are 400 Square Feet?

When it comes to 400 square feet, it’s a bit more spacious than 300 square feet, being only 20% larger. If 300 square feet feels a tad too cramped, then 400 square feet might be a more suitable option. Of course, the right choice ultimately hinges on your individual needs and preferences.

Examples Of Rooms Within An 800sqft Space

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment or house around 800 square feet, what types of rooms can you anticipate discovering within that space?

Here are some examples of rooms you might encounter in an 800-square-foot home:

  • A compact kitchen with a dining area
  • A living room
  • A bathroom
  • One or two bedrooms

It’s important to note that the exact layout of your 800-square-foot home will be influenced by the specific floor plan you select. However, in general, homes of this size tend to consist of several smaller rooms.

How Big Are 500 Square Feet?

If you’re in search of something genuinely spacious, 500 square feet is a promising starting point. This size, equivalent to two standard bedrooms, offers ample space for movement and the addition of furniture.

It’s important to bear in mind that while 500 square feet provides a good amount of room, it still falls short of what most people consider a “large” apartment or home.

How To Calculate Square Footage Accurately?

When assessing the size of an apartment or house, square footage emerges as the pivotal factor. But what exactly does square footage entail, and how can you accurately compute it?

Square footage refers to the total area of a property, typically measured in square feet. The calculation involves multiplying the length and width of the property. For instance, if a property measures 30 feet in length and 40 feet in width, its square footage would amount to 1,200 square feet (30 x 40).

However, determining square footage isn’t always as straightforward. Irregularly shaped properties can present challenges in measurement. In such cases, it’s advisable to utilize an online calculator or enlist the services of a professional measurer.

Once you’ve ascertained the square footage of a property, you can proceed to compare it with other properties in the same price bracket. This exercise will furnish you with a solid understanding of the value you’re receiving for your investment. It’s important to bear in mind that larger doesn’t always equate to better – at times, a smaller property can offer greater value for your money!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the significance of 800 square feet in real estate?

800 square feet is a common size for apartments, condos, and even small houses. It strikes a balance between providing enough space for comfort without being overly large.

How does one visualize 800 square feet?

To put it in perspective, envision a space that measures approximately 28.2 feet by 28.2 feet.

What are some common layouts for an 800-square-foot space?

An 800-square-foot area could encompass a one or two-bedroom apartment, a small house, or a spacious room in a larger residence.

Is 800 square feet suitable for a family?

Yes, 800 square feet can comfortably accommodate a small family or a couple looking for some extra space.

What can one expect in terms of ceiling height in an 800-square-foot space?

Most 800-square-foot homes typically have ceilings ranging from 10 to 12 feet in height.

How does 800 square feet compare to the average American home?

It’s notably smaller, as the average American home measures around 2,600 square feet.

What are some considerations when furnishing an 800-square-foot space?

Prioritize functionality, consider the layout for efficient furniture placement, and opt for multi-functional pieces to maximize utility.

Can 800 square feet be considered spacious?

While it’s not considered large by most standards, it offers a comfortable living space with careful planning and organization.


800 square feet proves to be a versatile and practical size for various living spaces. It strikes a balance between providing enough room for comfort without becoming overwhelming. Whether in the form of apartments, houses, or even specific rooms, this dimension offers viable options for individuals, couples, or small families. It’s important to consider functionality and efficient furniture arrangement when furnishing an 800-square-foot space, making the most of every inch. While not as spacious as the average American home, which measures around 2,600 square feet, 800 square feet still provides a comfortable living environment.

The suitability of an 800-square-foot space depends on individual preferences and lifestyle. Some may find it to be the perfect fit, offering just the right amount of room for their needs. Others may seek larger spaces. Regardless, it’s essential to recognize that in the realm of living spaces, quality and functionality often outweigh sheer size, and with thoughtful planning, an 800-square-foot area can offer a fulfilling and comfortable living experience.

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